My Alicia Hills (V): My Family’s First Climb

Written by Czarina Platino. Preface, introduction and table of contents here.

I took my family on my seventh hike – it was so much fun! I was so pleased and proud of all of them. They made it with no complaining and managed to wear a striking smile.

My parents are not getting younger anymore and I wanted them to experience outdoor and nature just like I did. And I am just grateful they accepted my invitation and took the challenge. Age and their not so strong bodies didn’t stop them from climbing and enjoying themselves outside their comfort zone. Indeed, seeing all of them very happy and enjoying the experience being out there made me very proud.

However, what made our climb more memorable is collecting the plastic garbage left by some reckless hikers. As the hills become more popular I started seeing more and more litter on the trails. Though I was a bit frustrated, I used the experience to spread public awareness and as an educational tool to teach my nephew who climbed with us and other younger generations about the importance of respecting and loving the nature.

my family 2

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