Koh Kood: Suay Mak Mak

Sometimes you dream a destination, but real life lets you down. Not that it wasn’t as good as you’d read or expected, but maybe it was not the right moment for you. It happened to me in Siquijor, Philippines and, to some extent, in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

Other times you get just so much more than you were expecting. Like the stars were aligned and you felt lucky to be there and then, and somewhat nostalgic that next time round it would not be quite the same. I’m thinking Ko Samet and, especially, Anda in Bohol.

And then, of course, there are destinations that hit your sweet spot. The right length, the right vibe, the right company. That was Koh Kood (also spelt Kut) for me.

Getting to Ao Salad pier in Ko Kood.

Ko Kood, na? asked Ek when I first told him of my plans.

Yes. Ko Kood. In Trat. Close to Ko Chang. I’ve read that it’s beautiful and quiet. Not even a 7-Eleven.

Still, we set for a few days in Ko Kood during a short April break – Easter for me, Songkran for Ek. And sure, Koh Kood lived up to the promise of travel blogs and youtube videos. The most beautiful beaches I have seen. A cool refreshing waterfall that we ended up visiting twice. Inexpensive roadside restaurants offering delicious food.

Paradise at Ao Wai – just wish the water were cooler.



Refreshing break at Klong Chao waterfall
Glass noodle salad with plenty of seafood!
Fancy a (fancy) massage?

Koh Kood also allowed me to show off my research skills to Ek. And so I guided him to some of the best local restaurants, Relax House, close to our resort, and Noochy Seafood in Ao Yai fisherman village.

I’m impressed. How you know these places? he asked.

Tripadvisor, this time. Both are ranked in the island’s ten best. 

I see, krap.

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-17 a las 16.55.22
Sometimes it pays to follow the reviews

Of course, Ek was only too happy to ask restaurant owners and waiters about their success online.

Well, they’d shrug.  We seem to be popular among farangs.


Fancy seafood at Noochie

Visiting other destinations afterwards has made me realize that Koh Kood is my perfect Thai island, perhaps my perfect island, period. There’s wonderful beaches, but you can also kayak and hit some waterfalls. It’s easy and safe to navigate on a motorbike. And you can get decent Thai food at reasonable prices, which can be surprisingly hard in other, more popular destinations.

And no, there’s no party scene. So much the better. There’s plenty of Thai islands conducive to getting intoxicated with other farangs, sometimes even with Thais.

Here, it’s more about a beer or three as you watch sunset and wind down after a day of beauty chasing – or, rather, being chased by beauty as you visit the island at your own pace. That’s Ko Kood, plainly beautiful.

Suay mak mak.


Want to know more?

Travelfish on Koh Kood, one of their favourite islands

Excellent introduction to Koh Kood




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