Travel with Kids: When There is Only Football on the Beach

It’s not about the beaches, it’s not about football or animals, not about indulging in junk food and sodas. It’s all about the passion, about being there, about being there and then – there and then and with you and no one else. 

At its best, independent travel with kids is a wonderful exercise in slow travel, in defeating all the performance traps that are laid out by the Western mind: the pressure to get things right, to cover as many destinations in as little time possible, to obtain the best value for our money, to excel by criteria laid out my someone else.

No. Kids teach you to slow down, kick back and wonder at the beauty of it all. They make you realize that a single good destination in a day may make more sense than three excellent ones in a hurry. That there are surprises and epiphanies along the way, but not quite the ones you had been anticipating, or at the places or times you had expected. 

Wild sunset on a wild beach in Leiria, Portugal

So make sure you take some time to travel with them,  with the beautiful world as the backdrop.

And play football on the beach, because, sometimes, there is only football on the beach.

Intense beach football at Playa Los Bolullos, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

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