Call me Tarzan: Waterfall hopping in the Philippines

Frankly – before traveling to the Phils I could never have guessed that I would have spent so long in or around waterfalls.

Chasing them.

Taking photos of them

Swimming in their cool waters.

Planning new encounters with them.

A refreshing swim under Dimiao Twin Falls, Bohol

I traveled to waterfalls with rushing waters, like the Dimiao Twin Falls – but I also traveled to some that were a mere trickle, like the one in Anda. No significant difference. It was probably more about the promise than about reality, about the means of transport and about the scenery on the way.

Sometime the falls were crowded, like Cambugahay in Siquijor or, to a lesser extent, Can-Umantad in Candijay, Bohol. Most other times, though, they were tranquil. When I visited the Dimiao Twin Falls , perhaps the most beautiful of all, it was only me and my habal-habal driver.

Cambugahay: A tad too busy!

Sometimes I traveled in company, sometimes alone. Although it’s hard to feel alone in the Philippines!


Casororo in Valencia, Negros, was different. I felt it was the perfect fall. So hard no to gaze at it in wonder, for hours on end.


I love the falls. They give you such a great excuse for roaming around – for that memorable motorcycle tour that will make you discover anonymous villages and talk to locals who speak in smiles rather than English. A perfect complement, if you ask me, to beaches and coastal tours.




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