Texcolo Waterfall, Veracruz

It’s important that we visit Texcolo falls, I insisted to my team.

Right, but Cortés never passed by, said somebody.

What do we know? He might have. And then, it’s nice to get a taste of the landscape. And so we went. Getting there after a brief stop in Coatepec, we followed navigator commands to the entrance of Xico, where a stony side road departed.


Soon enough, young girls were offering us free samples of their local liquors. They were good, especially the peanut one. So good that we bought three.

Just in case we get thirsty on the way to the fall, said my colleague, who paid the modest bill.

50 meters down the road another bunch of girls would offer us a better deal. Too late.

Texcolo was wondrous, truly.  Peaceful yet spectacular. We only visited two of the many falls, yet loved it all along.

Cofre de Perote in the background
The Texcolo fall from above

There were many steps to negotiate, plus some tips to be paid, so at some point we decided to split. I’d run to the base of Texcolo, for view, and then join my team at Cascada de la Monja, an easier walk.


I got to Texcolo viewpoint and enjoyed a couple of minutes of solitude. Wow. It reminded me of  Casaroro, the perfect fall.

Elated, I ran all the way up, then down, to La Monja.




Surprisingly, I opted for “seguro”. Not quite sure why anyone would pick otherwise, given the scanty information.



Cascada de la Monja was beautiful, too. Plus it was definitely easier to get close to the water. I even volunteered to chill one of the bottles of liquor in what looked like one of those aptly named blue lagoons in Palawan or Laos. 


And it was there that the research team stopped and toasted to life, historical discovery and, of course, waterfalls. 


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