Travel in times of home confinement (III)

Bitter sweet images as we start our second month in confinement. The round of applause at 8 pm has waned, whereas the protest against the government at 9pm is going strong. 

Sport time is interesting – not only a welcome break but also an occasion to gain perspective on the streets and neighborhoods in my town. 

Luckily, the limits of my municipality stretch out quite far!


I thought I’d seen it all, but no – fresh views on a local school.

It’s actually fun seeing all these people haphazardly strolling, jogging and cycling across industrial strips, or, even better, the vacant streets that were laid out in the middle of nowhere, in hopes that construction would ensue. It didn’t and, from the looks of it, it won’t for the time being. 



There is plenty of irony in all this. So much leisure on foot from so many on streets that were design for neighbors to need a car. 

It makes you wonder. What would it take to design cities made for people, and not the other way round?



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