A camping trip to Sierra de Albarracín, Teruel

It’s hard to overstate the value of Spain as prime walking country. There’s just so much, and so diverse. And there’s so many relatively hidden gems outside the main circuit. 

Barranco de la Hoz. Calomarde, Teruel.

Take Teruel, for instance. Sierra de Albarracín must be one of the best outdoor destinations in the country. With mile after mile of forested land, rolling mountains, beautiful creeks and rivers and….a prime historical town. 

Views during our guided walking tour of Albarracín

Albarracín also boasts one of the best campsites I’ve ever visited – and trust me, I’d enjoyed my fair share of them. Let me clarify, though. By “best” this traveler doesn’t necessarily mean a pool, playgrounds and sports facilities, but rather, nature, views and friendly employees. That’s what we found in Las Corralizas, – allegedly the highest campsite in Spain at 1727m above sea level, as they love reminding you on their website and social media. Plus a restaurant, aptly named Diecisiete Veintisiete (that’s seventeen twenty-seven) with some of the best tacos, burgers and patatas bravas ever to be had. Word. 

Just pitch your tent anywhere, said the campsite crew member

Mi camping weekend with the kids was inspired by previous trips to Sierra Espuña, Murcia and Cañamares, Cuenca. We were after beauty and action but, perhaps more than ever after the taxing months of quarantine and beyond, were longing for that feeling of freedom that you get when you camp. No major concerns other than staying cool during the day, warm at night, eating well, climbing boulders and catching sunset views if possible. There was also some easy walking to a nearby summit, which we enjoyed on our last evening at the campsite. 

A glorious dusk on day one
Early morning bouldering session

The rest was extras, albeit glorious ones: a day walking and skinny dipping in the cold waters of the local creeks, and another one visiting the town of Albarracín -no doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Another round of bravas, please!

But, most likely, it will be the campsite memories and feelings that will remain.

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